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Curly, frizzy, relaxed hair - Washes gently, moisturises intensely


Rich Hydration Shampoo

PHYTOSPECIFIC, la gamme de soins spécialiste de tous les types de cheveux texturés.
Hydratant - Assouplissant - Démêlant
79% of natural-origin ingredients


PHYTOSPECIFIC, la gamme de soins spécialiste de tous les types de cheveux texturés.

Hydratant - Assouplissant - Démêlant


White Clover Honey
Origin of the plant : Found in Europe and North America, white clover grows on sunny meadows and lawns.
Properties: Very rich in humectant sugars, honey captures and retains water from its environment. The fibre is thus moisturised and softened.

Extraction of Marshmallow
Origin of the plant : Native to the British Isles, it is now present in Europe and North America.
Properties: Very moisturising, Marshmallow is known for its high mucilage content. These polysaccharides capture and retain water by forming an invisible gel, thus guaranteeing hydration at the heart of the hair fibre.

Advice for use

Apply on moistened scalp, gently massage, then rinse.
Repeat the 2nd application, leave on 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Benefits & results


A very rich hydrating From the first application, tingling sensations are relieved, tightness and itching are calmed.Effectiveness tested under dermatological control on a panel of people with sensitive scalps:
- Immediately reduces tingling
- Relief is persistent for even the driest curly, coiled hair. Helps detangle, locks in moisture, guarantees healthy strong hydrated locks.


Protects it from external aggressions, and prevents split ends. The formula gently removes impurities while replenishing with essential moisture to detangle and soften curls and hydrate the scalp. Curls are left soft, bouncy, and shiny with increased health and strength.


Curly, coiled hair that lack moisture.

The PHYTO difference 100% active formulas

Our laboratories select the most effective (and not the most popular) natural ingredients to create effective and respectful formulas, highly concentrated in active plant ingredients.

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