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PHYTORELAXER Permanent Relaxer INDEX 1

Relaxer for delicate fine curly, coiled hair
PHYTOSPECIFIC, the specialist care range for all types of textured hair.

PHYTORELAXER perfectly relaxes the most fragile and resistant hair
- Formulas that respect the hair and scalp (naturally derived straightening agent)
Index 1: curly, frizzy (fine) hair
Index 2: curly, frizzy hair (normal to thick)

Plant-based Keratin, Quinquina extract and Marshmallow extraction provide moisture, suppleness and softness for smooth, beautiful hair.

This kit contains the necessary products to perform a total straightening or two touch-ups:
-1 Pre-care balm: 5ml - 0.33 fl.oz.
-1 Straightening cream: 225ml - 7.60 fl.oz.
-1 Index 1 Inductor : 60ml - 2.0 fl.oz.
-1 Neutralizing and cleansing emulsion: 125ml - 4.22 fl.oz.
-1 Restructuring milk: 60ml - 2.0 fl.oz.
-1 Pair of gloves ۰ 1 wooden spatula ۰ 1 instructions for use

PHYTOSPECIFIC: products, with formulas of natural origins, based on specific and sharp hair expertise.
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