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Damaged and brittle hair - Répare en profondeur


Repairing Shampoo

PHYTOKERATINE, la cure de réparation qui redonne force et souplesse aux cheveux abîmés et cassants.
80% of natural-origin ingredients


PHYTOKERATINE, la cure de réparation qui redonne force et souplesse aux cheveux abîmés et cassants.


Plant Keratin, complex of Quinoa, Lupin and Pea proteins
PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories have created a new generation of Plant Keratin, as close as possible to the hair's natural keratin. Composed of a combination of Quinoa, Lupin and Pea proteins with moisturizing and repairing properties, Plant Keratin reconstitutes the hair fibre and intensely repairs damaged and brittle hair.
Wild Pansy Extraction
Wild Pansy is known for its softening and moisturizing properties.

Advice for use


2-3 times a week.


Apply a small amount to damp scalp. The formula is so concentrated that a little goes a long way! Work into a lather, massage in, and then rinse. Apply shampoo a second time and leave on for a few moments to boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

For a complete ritual, use in combination PHYTOKERATINE Repairing Mask and PHYTOKERATINERepairing Heat Protecting Spray.

Benefits & results


Formulated for all hair-dryer and straightening iron users, as well as women who love their long hair, this shampoo repairs and strengthens the hair fiber, while preventing breakage when blow-drying.


This shampoo’s pearly white color and creamy texture are the promise of perfectly gentle care. When mixed with a small amount of water, it turns into a light and fluffy lather that removes impurities, while enveloping hair in Botanical Keratin and Wild Pansy extraction. This first step in the hair repair routine hydrates the fiber down to its very core.


Brittle hair due to thermal and mechanical damage.


It is a pearl smooth milky cream. Its soft texture spreads easily onto the lengths and is easy to rinse.

Herbal, delicate and sophisticated fragrance, with green and aquatic notes, brings a sensation of purity and freshness.

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The PHYTO difference 100% active formulas

Our laboratories select the most effective (and not the most popular) natural ingredients to create effective and respectful formulas, highly concentrated in active plant ingredients.

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