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Polluted scalp and hair - Removes residues


Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying Shampoo
Pollution, stress, fumée, accumulation de produits, eau calcaire…
Nos modes de vie intenses étouffent notre cuir chevelu et nos cheveux.
86% of natural-origin ingredients


Pollution, stress, fumée, accumulation de produits, eau calcaire…
Nos modes de vie intenses étouffent notre cuir chevelu et nos cheveux.


Eucalyptus essential oil: Its richness in eucalyptol makes this oil the ideal ally to purify and refresh polluted asphyxiated hair.
Ghassoul: This clay from the Moroccan desert is so rich in minerals that its capacity for absorption is more powerful than all other types of clay for trapping grease, dust and asphyxiating particles.
Kumquat extracts: Its unique composition combines antioxidant Vitamin C, sugar and moisturizing minerals as well as astringent fruit acids to boost the hair fibre and intensely revive shine.
Burdock extraction:  It helps maintain a healthy scalp and brings lightness to the hair, by limiting its tendency to rapidly become oily.

Advice for use

Once a week only, after the purifying PHYTOD-tox pre-shampoo.
As a second wash, after rinsing the PHYTOD-tox pre-shampoo emulsion.Apply on moistened scalp, gently massage, then rinse thoroughly.
One application only.

Benefits & results

A clarifying shampoo, designed to deeply cleanse the scalp and hair fibre from product build-up, pollution, smoke and mineral deposits. 
St.John's Wort and witch hazel extracts, purifying and soothing Sage and Chamomile extracts as well as Burdock extraction carefully eliminate all residue that dulls the hair without drying out the fibre.
Normalized scalps. Hair exposed to industrial pollution, texturizing products, dry shampoos, temporary hair dyes, hard water deposits, sports, dust, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke.
The natural refreshing scent of Eucalyptus essential oil.
A jelly green texture, easy to apply, it foams easily.

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The PHYTO difference 100% active formulas

Our laboratories select the most effective (and not the most popular) natural ingredients to create effective and respectful formulas, highly concentrated in active plant ingredients.

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