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PHYTONOVATHRIX Thickening, Densifying Treatment for Scalp and Hair

Chronic hair loss

3,5ml x 12

To go further in the fight against hair loss, PHYTOSOLBA Laboratories have identified a 16th new target to slow down hair loss and stimulate growth. This is how PHYTONOVATHRIX was born, a formula with 99% of ingredients of plant and natural origin!


The innovative hair loss treatment, made of 99% natural ingredients. PHYTONOVATHRIX helps gives density, strength and resistance to the hair fibre.


PHYTONOVATHRIX creates an optimal environment to promote hair’s beauty and density.

The bulb is fortified, allowing a healthy environment for future stronger and more beautiful hair. It is the ideal natural solution to improve the look of all types of thinning hair and chronic hair loss.


All scalp types, even sensitive. Men & women with chronic hair loss issues.
Thinning hair, visible scalp and hair growth issues.


A mild scent of celery and herbs.

A non-sticky, non-oily texture, easy to apply. It does not grease hair.


Pack size: 12 vials x 3.5ml = 1 month treatment

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